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The SMART IACUC Network is under development through an award from the e National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (“NCATS”) of the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”) to support IACUC and/or Hospital Board reliance in facilitation of multisite veterinary clinical studies. It allows participating institutions to cede study review and approval (“Relying Institution”) to another Participating Institution (“Reviewing Institution”).

SMART IACUC includes:

  • An IACUC +/- Hospital Review Board reliance agreement that permits eligible institutions that join it (“Participating Institutions”) to cede review of veterinary clinical research to other Participating Institutions’ IACUC and/or Hospital Review Boards 
  • A set of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to guide implementation of the reliance relationship among Participating Institutions.  
  • A centralized online system to support sign-on, reliance determinations, and harmonization of study review and approvals 

Watch this space for future announcements related to the SMART IACUC network.


An Introduction to SMART IACUC Training Module

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