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Career development support for combined DVM/PhD students

COHA Clinical and Translational Scientist training modules

The goal of these training modules is to address potential gaps in integrating clinician/translational scientist training into DVM/PhD research training across national programs.

  • These optional training modules are available to DVM/PhD trainees across the country through a collaboration between COHA and NAVS (the student-led National Association of Veterinary Scientists), and will address three phases of training:
    • Veterinary Scientist Professional Development (Y1-Y6)Integrating Research into the Clinic Years (Y7-Y8)
    • Transitioning after the DVM/PhD (Y7-Y8)
  • Completion of a specific number of modules will allow trainees to earn a COHA Clinical and Translational Scientist certificate
    • Certificate is awarded by the COHA Steering Committee after accumulating 5 module points during combined DVM/PhD training
      • Current training options are listed below
      • The trainee should maintain a checklist of training modules attended, signed off by trainee’s PhD and/or clinical mentors. This is an honor system program.
    • The COHA Steering Committee will approve trainee module completions and issue a COHA Clinical and Translational Scientist certificate.
    • The Clinician Scientist Education subcommittee will review and update training modules annually.

Training module options

Veterinary Scientist Professional Development (Y1-Y6)

  • Attend the Boehringer Ingelheim DVM/PhD meeting at the annual National Veterinary Scholars Symposium  
    • 1 point
  • Participate in the COHA DVM/PhD journal club on Spontaneous Animal Models of Human Disease (Y1-Y2) 
    • Monthly journal club held during spring and fall semesters
    • 0.25 points per session
  • Transitioning after the DVM/PhD (Y7-Y8)
  • COHA DVM/PhD Career Pathway Seminar Series
    • 0.25 point for each session, 2 points total
    • Contact:
      • Topics
        • Career pathways for DVM/PhD trainees – guest DVM/PhD speakers from academia, industry, regulatory agencies and non-profits
        • Pursuing a career in academia as a clinician scientist 
        • Pursuing a career in academia as a basic or translational researcher  
        • Marketing your skill sets to employers outside of academia

Summary and tracking of training modules

Trainee periodModuleOfferedPoints
Y1-Y6Boehringer Ingelheim DVM/PhD meetingAnnually in person1
Y1-Y6COHA DVM/PhD journal clubMonthly during spring and fall semesters0.25 points per session, maximum of 2 points
Y1-Y6Clinical trials training modules on the COHA websiteOn demand0.25
Y1-Y6NIH or other grant writing workshopIn person locally1
Y1-Y6Short course on scientific storytelling Online webinar0.5 point per 1 hour webinar; maximum of 1 point 
Y1-Y6View the NIH Becoming a Resilient Scientist SeriesOn demand0.5 per session
Y3-Y6Launching your career as a veterinary scientist  Monthly during spring and fall semesters0.25 per session; maximum of 2 points
Y7-Y8Design a pilot or retrospective study clinical or translational research study, extending from PhD work Face to face with mentor2
Y7-Y8Attend the Clinician Scientist Training Workshop for residents, as a guestBiennial in person, videoconference options available1
Y7-Y8Participate in the Clinical Research Study Design course or similarAnnually in the spring; remote option1
Y7-Y8COHA DVM/PhD Career Development Seminar Series Monthly remote series, to start in fall 20230.25 per session, maximum of 2 total