Translational Research Immersion Program (TRIP) September 13-15, 2019

If you are an early career veterinary faculty member, or making the transition to a veterinary faculty position, read on:

Registration is now open for the Translational Research Immersion Program (TRIP), a “boot camp” in clinical and translational research targeted at early career academic veterinary faculty, especially those with some clinical responsibilities.

TRIP will be held in Madison WI on September 13-15, 2019.

The 2.5-day agenda covers study development, grant writing success, NIH career development awards, collaborations with MDs and other health professionals, research implementation guidance, mentoring practices, and personal advice from a team of successful academic veterinary faculty.

Registration for academic faculty is $300 and is subsidized by a pilot grant from the CTSA One Health Alliance (COHA).

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Pain in Animals Workshop: Cross-species measurement of acute pain October 2-3

The workshop is dedicated to discussing the measurement of acute pain – a critical prerequisite to treating pain clinically, and using animals as models. WWW.PAW2019.COM

Funded by a generous grant from The Mayday Fund, this meeting will bring together researchers, clinicians/practitioners in human and veterinary medicine, industry, and the regulatory authorities with the primary goals of:

  1. Discussing the current status (recent advances and current roadblocks) of acute pain measurement across species
  2. Defining a consensus list of priorities for future research (roadmap) to improve our ability to measure acute pain across the species.

Call for Posters: Submissions for posters are being accepted. Please submit an abstract on work focusing on any aspect of the measurement of acute pain in animals, or the use of animals as naturally occurring disease models in translational acute pain research. Abstracts are due July 15th, 2019 at 11pm CST. Abstracts will be reviewed for appropriate content, and individuals promptly notified of acceptance.

**Registration is required, but there is no fee, thanks to The Mayday Fund.**

Delegate numbers are limited.

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