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The goal of these Summits is to promote interdisciplinary research that advances both human and companion animal health, and to incorporate veterinary clinician scientists into translational research teams.

COHA Translational Summits

COHA Summits are funded by a CTSA Innovation Award from NCATS, to bring together MDs, DVMs, and PhDs around shared topics of research interest.

Upcoming Summit:

The COHA Translational Summit on Epilepsy Across Species

will be held on Dec 10-11th 2024 in Los Angeles, in affiliation with the American Epilepsy Society meeting.

Trainee registration is free!

Translational Summit on Epilepsy Across Species

Tuesday Dec 10th, 2024

1:15-2:15               Epilepsy phenotypes in the human patient 

                                          Robert Kotloski MD, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2:15-3:15               Epilepsy phenotypes in veterinary patients

Starr Cameron BVetMed, MS, DACVIM (Neurology), University of Wisconsin-Madison

3:15- 3:30              Break

3:30-4:30               Epilepsy phenotypes of induced animal seizures: species, models, and underlying neurobiology

Tom Sutula MD, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

4:30-5:00               Lightning talks to introduce posters 

5:00-6:30               Poster session and Reception 



 Wednesday Dec 11th, 2024

8:00-8:30               Breakfast

8:30-9:30               State of the art: Genetics of epilepsy in human patients 

Dennis Lal, PhD, UTHealth Houston, Texas

9:30-10:30            State of the art: Genetics of epilepsy in veterinary patients

Ned Patterson DVM, PhD, DACVIM (Neurology); University of Minnesota 

10:30-10:45          Break

10:45-11:45          State of the art: Status epilepticus 

                                          Clio Rubinos MD, MS; UNC Chapel Hill

11:45-12:30          Lunch

12:30-1:30            State of the art: Neuromodulation

Gregory Worrell MD, PhD; Mayo Clinic 

1:30-2:30               State of the art: Therapeutic horizons

                                          Claude Steriade MD, CM, New York University  

2:30-2:45               Break

2:45-3:30               Breakout sessions for collaborative brainstorming

3:30-4:30               Discussion: research roadmap for the next 5 years

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Trainees register for free!Up


Recent COHA Translational Summits:

COHA translational summit on coagulopathies across species

Held April 24-25, 2024 in Chapel Hill NC in affiliation with 11ThSymposium on Hemostasis.

Co-hosts: Benjamin Brainard VMD, DAVCAA, DACVECC and Dougald Monroe PhD.

We had a vibrant meeting with 69 attendees. Topics included immune-mediated thrombocytopenias, disorders of fibrinolysis, inherited coagulopathies, and immunothrombosis, along with a breakout session for future directions.

Attendee comments:

  • Really outstanding presentations from prominent leaders
  • Great translational program and balanced approach between all members of the alied health professions. 
  • I liked the collaborative atmosphere, genuine sense that everyone appreciated each other’s work area and interest in the comparative approach to coagulopathies.



COHA Summit on Antimicrobial stewardship

Held Aug 22-23, 2023 in St Paul MN in affiliation with the University of Minnesota School of Medicine

Co-hosts: Jennifer Granick DVM, PhD, DACVIM and Marisa D’Angeli MD, MPH

We had a productive Summit with 35 attendees. 

Evaluation comments were positive:

    • The small group size allowed meaningful connections and discussion.
    • Small, intimate meeting with diverse group allowed for very good discussion.
    • I loved the smaller size which promoted open conversation and collaboration. It was great to have multiple different perspectives represented.
    • I loved everyone’s honesty about where the struggles have been, just learning with and from everyone.
    • Appreciated the collaboration between MD, DVM, and PharmDs to combined goal of stewardship. Really interesting to hear the successes and challenges across the various field


Co-hosts: Lauren Trepanier DVM, PhD and Tudor Borza, MD, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We presented a teaser on the dog as a model for human bladder cancer at the BCAN main meeting, which led to several additional last minute registrations. We had 38 attendees.

Evaluation comments were very positive:

    • Really liked the intimate format and the translational approach.
    • Nice size and mix of MD/DVM/PhD attendees
    • Liked the combination of investigators from vastly different disciplines both on the human, canine, murine, and basic science sides.
    • Great opportunity for collaboration. a lot to learn. I didn’t realize there was so much overlap between human and dog bladder cancers.

This very successful Summit has led to a full breakout session on dogs as a model for human bladder cancer for the BCAN ThinkTank24.


The Summit was held on Friday, May 19 – Saturday, May 20, 2023 as a satellite conference to the American Thoracic Society meeting (ATS2023) in Washington DC.

Co-leads were Vamsi Guntar MD, MSc, and Jean-Pierre LaVoie, DVM, DACVIM

We had 28 in-person attendees

Comments from attendees

    • “Everyone agreed that this was a great (and much needed!) opportunity to foster comparative and translational awareness and discussions, and we are already planning how to make this a repeated (annual?) event.”


Co-sponsored by COHA, the USASP, and the Non-Human Pain IASP SIG.

Organized as a pre-meeting to USASP on Tuesday, April 11th, 2023 in Durham, NC 

Co-leads were John Farrar MD, PhD; Dottie Brown DVM, MSCE; and Duncan Lascelles BVSc, PhD, DAVCS

We had 54 in-person attendees

Survey comments:

    • “Nice blend of PhD’s, MD’s and DVM’s each with unique perspective.”
    • “A purposeful integration of different research perspectives.”
    • “The interaction with the speakers and the breakout groups was terrific!”

COHA translational summit retinal diseases to advance gene therapy

Hosted on April 29-30, 2022, in affiliation with the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) meeting in Denver.

Co-leads were Sara Thomasy, DVM, PhD, DACVO and Glenn Yiu, MD, PhD at UC Davis.

58 in-person attendees


      • “Loved the smaller format. The topics and discussion sections were a scientific highlight of my whole ARVO trip”
      • “This is an excellent format and does not need improvement. I hope that there is further opportunity for COHA to support these discussions on translational research involving basic science, animal models of disease, and human clinical positions to meet and exchange ideas.”

COHA translational summit on Sarcopenia across species

Held on April 22-23, 2022, in affiliation with the International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research (ICFSR) in Boston.

Co-leads were Lisa Freeman DVM, PhD, DACVN (Nutrition) and Roger Fielding PhD of Tufts University.

50 in-person and 38 on-line attendees.


      • “A range of perspectives from the mouse to the bear – was great to see progress in identifying mechanisms of sarcopenia in elegant mouse models”

COHA translational summit on Glomerular Diseases

Held on April 4-5, 2022, before the National Kidney Foundation SCM22 meeting in Boston.

Co-leads were Rachel Cianciolo VMD, PhD, DACVP (Anatomic Pathology) and Sergey Brodsky MD, PhD at the Ohio State University.

35 scientists in attendance

      • “It was an amazing group of some of the most dedicated clinicians and researchers in veterinary nephrology, and the MDs made great comments/suggestions. It was quite motivating, and I had difficulty sleeping for several nights afterward thinking of all the things we need to do to push the field forward!”